Design and engineering department

Putting together an outdoor landscaping project for a villa, a rental building or a hotel is never easy and requires certain specific skills, such as a knowledge of both earthwork techniques and the various materials (wood, natural stone, reconstituted stone, etc.), a familiarity with masonry techniques, etc. And for greening, it is a matter of selecting the varieties which are right for the kind of soil and exposure but which still give the kind of flowering, screening, shade, etc. desired. Without overlooking the choice of the best garden accessories, chalets, pergolas, or the convenience offered by automated watering, mowing, lighting, etc. systems. To do this, our design and engineering department, which is staffed by technicians and designers, is there to support and advise you in putting together a project tailored to your own needs and which fits perfectly into the landscape.

If you are looking for an overall partner for your exteriors then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can talk about it, work out an estimated costing for your project or put together sketches and technical drawings.