We have been designing landscapes since 1946.

We now employ between 60 and 70 people and our modular organisation allows us to handle all kinds of creative and maintenance work for landscaping projects – from the smallest to the very largest.

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A well above-average degree of mechanisation means that we are able to offer our services very cost-effectively, offering a specialist response to every situation, whether it involves:

  • Landscaping your villa, swimming pool or natural bathing area, an automatic watering system or fencing or timber construction work.
  • The transformation of your garden and the introduction of personalised spaces.
  • The maintenance of your garden, the planting of trees, shrubs or flowering perennials and annuals, the renovation of your lawn.
  • The laying out and maintenance of indoor plantations.
  • The laying out of a public garden or a sports venue, accompanied by fencing if required.
  • Environmental and renaturing-based landscaping work.

Our company also has a design and engineering department, staffed by landscape technicians and designers who can help you to:

  • Put together projects and the visuals to go with them.
  • Come up with drawings and technical cross-sections
  • Draw up estimates and calculate tenders.